We are passionate about audio education!

AKD offers both classroom and hands-on training on a variety of subject matters. Classes can be held onsite at your facilities or we hold scheduled classes in New York City. All of our courses are also available in live Online format for when remote learning is more practical.

Sound Design for Theater

This 28 hour classroom course can be taught over a 4 or 5 day period. It covers a variety of topics including script analysis, systems design and content creation. It is intended for both early-career professionals and students with foundational knowledge of the subject.

Project Master Classes

These 1 or 2 day Master Classes follow a project from inception through the creation and execution processes, all the way through the realization of the design. Projects available include: Jersey Boys, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, On Your Feet, Hairspray, and Concert Production.

Live Mixing Courses

Available as 3 day, 18 hour general mixing; 5 day, 30 hour theatrical mixing; or 1 day, 8 hour one-on-one intensive. This course combines classroom and hands-on time to put students behind a live mixing console working with multi-track input sources to experience the process of mixing while gaining and refining skills. Taught in conjunction with top Broadway and Concert mixers, this course is held in New York City and usually scheduled to coincide with university spring breaks.

Pro Tools 101 and 201

Available as an in-person 2, 3 and 4 day format or an Online 8-12 session course that starts with the basic concepts of digital audio, how DAW's work, and continues through basic and intermediate functions of Avid's Pro Tools ecosystem. Students learn how to make recordings, edit voice overs, perform multi-track music mixing and create sound effects. The 201 course adds audio to video sync creation and editing, MIDI production, and more in depth project work and collaboration. 

Communications for Theater and Television

Live performance creates unique challenges for real-time communication between large groups of collaborators. This 1 day class covers the foundations of communications systems, digital matrixed communications, Point to point, party-line and hybrid paradigms, and advanced wireless intercom systems. The course is intended for system designers, installers, and stage technicians.